Teambuilding Philosophy

Our Teambuilding programmes are developed based on the philosophy of “fun learning”, which is a basic instinct of not just human beings but also been of many animals.

Research has shown that both children and adults learn best when they are having hands on experience, and they remember best when there is a positive emotion involved.

As with story telling and drawing parallels in metaphors, a great team building activity brings to life lessons that can be applied in the real world even when there seem to be no logical connections when participants are engaged in the activities. It greatly enhances the learning experience of the participants and helps participants learn and remember the important values effortlessly.

In our workshops we have lots of hands-on activities and participants are engaged in scenarios that bring out certain positive behaviours. During debrief, they are reminded of the situation and the positive behaviour is reinforced.

Some of the theories we base our workshops upon include DISC personality profiling (by Dr William M. Marston), Neuro Linguistic Programming (American Board of NLP).

Our facilitators have years of experience in working with professionals in experiential learning workshops and are able to bring out a wide range of learning outcomes, which can be customised.