New Batch of Laser Tag Guns

Anergy Laser Shootout is proud to announce the arrival of yet another new batch of laser tag guns.

This new batch of laser tag guns will be reserved for our clients who are doing team building programmes with us to ensure that, as far as possible, clients who opt for teambuilding options will get newer and less worn out guns.

Team building has been and will continue to be the main focus of our business. Having run both indoor and outdoor team building programmes since 2003, we see great potential in laser shootout teambuilding programmes as it is one of the rare outdoor programmes around that is able to excite a wide range of participants (and not just boys or the male gender only, contrary to popular belief).

Laser Shootout will continue to be an effective tool that we use to impart values like leadership and delegation, planning, communication and motivation.

The advanced laser tag equipment that we use are highly accurate and durable. The lessons learnt from this exhilarating laser tag teambuilding event will be impressed in the minds of the participants for a long time.

If you wish to find our more about our fun laser shootout sessions or our laser tag teambuilding, please feel free to contact us.

Laser Tag Teambuilding in Singapore

Laser Shootout! is our new laser tag team building event for the Singapore market. Leveraging on advanced outdoor laser tag technology, we are able to bring you this adrenaline pumping teambuilding challenge for people of all ages (if you like physical activities).

In Singapore, paintball has been around for a number of years. However, they are located at the northern and western part of Singapore and the playing fields only allow 5 member teams to participate. With the new laser tag equipment that we have, we are now able to offer you the flexibility of hosting this laser tag event in a location that is near your meeting place or office. The weapons that we use emits harmless infra red beams and they are tested by the Health and Sciences Authority of Singapore.

How Does Laser Tag work?

Outdor Laser tag technology is similar to the laser quest that some of us may be familiar with. They used to operate at Marina Square many years ago. You wear a vest and carry a plastic gun and you play this game in a dark maze. Laser Quest actually uses indoor laser tag systems. The range of the guns are shorter and they work best under controlled, dark conditions.

Outdoor laser tag systems are widely used to millitaries worldwide to do combat simulation exercises with their soldiers. Similar to this technology, the systems that we use enables the guns to fire up to 300 plus meters. Sensors attached to each gun is able to register direct hits and even near misses! There is also the night mode, which enables the guns to be played either indoors or during the night time.

The good news is that you can make a booking for this game just for fun or for teambuildings sessions. As long as you have a minimum of 10 people, we will be able to host a party for you. If you do not have 10 friends of colleagues with you, you can consider joining our public shootouts where you can play the game with other people who are looking for other people to play with. Just sign up for your email updates and we will inform you of our next laser tag party.

Our laser tag party is also ideal for kids birthday celebrations. As our game does not involve any projectiles, it is perfectly safe for children to play this during their birthday party celebrations. All they need to do is to hold the gun, run around and shoot one another. See kids birthday party.

For those of us who have – at some point in time – entertained thoughts of pulling out a pistol and shooting our friends, colleagues or even bosses, this will be the perfect game for us!