Indoor Teambuilding

Since 2003, we have been constantly challenged by clients who come back to us year after year to conduct new team building activities for them. Many times, these activities have to be run in an indoor environment and sometimes it has to be deploy in ANY indoor function or meeting or seminar room that our clients are travelling to.

We won’t call ourselves indoor team building experts but we have to say we are very experienced in delivering indoor teambuilding programmes in Asia, having delivered our trainings in more than 27 cities, in a variety of training facilities at different venues.

Below are some sample indoor team building programmes that might interest you (or it might just spark off the creative juices in you to imagine something else that is not yet in existence. drop us an email with your specific learning objectives (if any) at ENQUIRYatTEAMBUILDINGdotCOMdotSG and let us assist you to make it a reality):

Hungry Hippo Herders
Adapted from the famous “hungry hippos” game that we grew up with, this real life version is bound to bring out the child in any adult. Team mates take turns to go onto a trolley tied with strings and grab balls from the center of the room with a basket in their hands. The rest of the team instruct them on the type of balls to grab so as to maximise their points. A good mix of brains and brawn with good strategy will help teams win this hilarious challenge.
[Brains: 4/5, Brawn: 4/5, Physical Activity: 4/5]

Ultimate Roadster
Ultimate Roadster is a high level race car making activity. Participants will be required to design and build a race car complete with the body, frame, wheels, steering wheels and spoiler using mainly cardboard boxes. The race will have to bear the weight of one of the team members in the finale race against other teams. Winning team is the one that produce the fastest, nicest and most sturdy race car.
[Brains: 3/5, Brawn: 3/5, Physical Activity: 4/5]

Back to School Challenges
Teams race to the other side of the course where they compete in classic (yet modified) kids challenges like tic-tac-toe, rock paper scissors, poison ball… etc  with the other teams. Participants have to learn to take commit to their cause, think on their feet and really go all out to do well in this activity.
[Brains: 3/5, Brawn: 5/5, Physical Activity: 5/5]

Paramount Conquest
Paramount conquest is a real time board game that requires teams to plan their journey on an expedition to climb a perilous mountain. With limited supplies and a need to survive and make the most of their trip, participants have to plan their every move, take care of the tiniest details and share the work load so that every single scenario is taken care of. An ideal leadership and team building challenge for leaders, supervisors, managers and “C” level personnel.
[Brains: 5/5, Brawn: 2/5, Physical Activity: 4/5]

Combat Tank Commanders
Combat Tank Commanders requires teams design and build a tank from materials given and assign different roles to the team members like driving the tank, deploy land mines and shoot at enemy tanks with instructions given by their tank commander. Strategy, accuracy, clear communication and a hint of luck will help determine the winning tank.
[Brains: 3/5, Brawn: 4/5, Physical Activity: 4/5]

Drones Wars
Using R/C drones, participants have to compete in an obstacles course, as well as complete different missions objectives. Teamwork, practice and determination will help the winning team emerge.
[Brains: 3/5, Brawn: 5/5, Physical Activity: 4/5]