Car Rally Style Teambuilding

Singapore has a unique multi-racial society – and an even more interesting multi-racial F&B industry. One very interesting teambuilding activity is to do a car rally (we do not recommend car race) with a food theme in Singapore (this is more for team bonding, but we can have a mixture of team bonding tasks as well as teambuilding tasks).

Teams will either car pool or mini-van pool and we will send them on a journey to explore the finest mind blowing food race they will every play around Singapore.

To our overseas friends, this game will be a mouth watering experience (eye-watering as well for some of them). Some famous food that they can savour are:

Curry fish head – an indian cuisine that originated from Singapore, where huge fish heads, with their eyes intact are cooked in indian curry, together with lady’s finger (a vegetable), brinjal, onions and other spices. You will be surprised at the amount of meat that is on a fish’s head. Of course the challenge here is to get  everyone to finish the curry fish head.

Creative Pratas – Singaporean prata chefs have come up with a wide range of different flavoured pratas, including & not limited to: banana, chocolate, butter, durian…. etc.

Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle – Another savoury dish that is reported to have originated from Singapore. This is one of my personal favourites, if you visit Singapore and did not try out this dish, then you must visit Singapore again just to try out this dish! Authentic fried hokkien prawn noodle is cooked with yellow noodles and thick bee hoon. Today, most hawkers fry this dish with thin bee hoon, which is much easier to fry as it takes a much shorter time for the seasoning to get into the think bee hoon as compared to it’s fatter cousin.

Other ingredients for this dish include: prawns (of course!), squid, spring onions, sliced pork belly meat and last but not least pork lard (some stalls do not use the last 2 ingredients). Yes, I agree with you that this sounds very unhealthy, hey, so is lagsana and pizza right? No one is asking you to eat this everyday, and nobody ever said this is going to be a healthy game right?

Next on the list is Black Pepper Crab & Chilli Crab. If you try this at the right places in Singapore (the right places are not always the restaurants) you will realise that you will not taste anything like this in any other part of the world. The Chilli Crab originated from Singapore, black pepper crab I’m not too sure, but who cares? They both taste heavenly, so just try both if you do come to Singapore.

Now if budget permits, you can also try out live seafood from some of the restaurants in Singapore. If you know where to look, it will also be alarmingly low priced.

There is another dish that cannot be ignored, which is Hainanese Chicken Rice. This dish is basically what its name suggests - chicken, with rice. The chicken is steamed and the rice is exceptionally fragrant. It is also steamed, but may be a little oily for those of you who are expecting healthily steamed rice. However, the magical thing about this dish is neither the chicken or the rice, it is the chilli sauce that you eat this dish with. It is spicy and a little sour, but when eaten with chicken rice, the aroma is simply beyond words.

We can’t exactly say that this delicacy originated from Singapore, but you should be able to find a lot of people selling it here, especially along Balestier Road.

You may be wondering, so what does all these have to do with teambuilding? Nothing. Remember we mentioned at the top of this article that this game is more for team bonding? If you really like this game but would still like to do some teambuilding with your colleagues, then we will customise it to include some teambuilding sessions on top of the eating stations. In that way, you will be able to sample the sumptuous food in Singapore, and also team build with your colleagues.

Structure Building Teambuilding

Structure building games has been around for decades. However, these are one of the most effective teambuilding games around. It is also highly versatile, with the ability to be conducted indoors and outdoors. It is also not physical, even though the game is very hands-on and requires physically building something.

A simple search on the web will tell you that there are many variations, from those using styrofoam cups and plates, different paper materials to even spaghetti and marsh mellow. What is more important is how the game is conducted, how observations are being made and last of all how the debrief helps participants.

From our experience gain from conducting this game, we are able to pick out exceptionally good behaviour from participants. We are also able to give participants pointers on how to improve their teamwork while tackling problems.

We have a few variations of this game to choose from:

1.Tower Construction
2. Sand Castle Building
3. Bridge Builders
4. LEGO Warriors
The different options listed above will have different physical rating and difficulty level, thereby focusing on different areas of teamwork.

Tower Construction is one of our most used option, this option can be conducted almost anywhere and is able to focus on various aspects of teamwork.

Sand Castle Building is slightly more physical then the rest as it is usually done at the beach (exposed to the weather elements).

Bridge Builders and LEGO warriors are more creative challenges where participants will have to crack their heads abit to make their structures work.

Teambuilding Through Amazing Race / Treasure Hunt Style Games

Specialising in Teambuilding has its benefits. One of them is that you gain valuable experience that we dare say no other company in Singapore has:

We have conducted anergy synergy race (a teambuilding game modified from amazing race/ treasure hunts) about 60 times over the last 3.5 years. Locations varied from around town, at various locations in Singapore (and also with stations all over Singapore) to overseas venues in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and even Langkawi.

In this game, participants travel in teams with a map and clues that lead them to different stations that help them learn about teamwork. One of the advantage of this game is that the station tasks can be customised to teach on different team learning points. Being a slightly physical game, we are also able to look at how well the team works when they are under time pressure.

We have fine tuned our systems to even ensure maximum participation from the participants. Station tasks can also either be fun stations or stations that teach about teamwork.

Our synergy race has been tested by participants from all over the world, as most of our clients are MNCs with multi-national workforce. We are so familiar with this game that we are confident of running this game for any group size, in any city around the world, as long as we have a team going to the destination minimum 2 days before the event.

It was an honour to be selected to run this game for Bausch & Lomb Hong Kong when they came over early this year. We  had very good feedback from the group and some of the participants even referred Bayer MaterialScience (Hong Kong) IT country managers to us when they also visited Singapore. Unfortunately we were not able to find out exactly who made the referral (If you are the one who referred us, a BIG THANK YOU to you!).

Later this year, plans are being made to run this game in Xiamen and Taiwan. Hopefully the participants will also refer us to their friends.